The exhibition as a whole takes us on a journey from Earth the the edge of the visible universe, using images of the Earth taken from space, and with quotes from astronauts throughout.
A broom cupboard in the exhibition space was transformed with kaleidoscope trickery into a 4 meter diameter scale model of our Sun hanging in infinite space, with the earth and moon shown to scale as marbles. The dotted line shows the correct moon orbital radius from Earth at this scale.
Earths shifting continents were represented as a climb on cushion jigsaw puzzle.
Star Scales Diagram - relative star sizes are represented in a huge, looming painting. Our sun is represented by the cross-section of a single fibreoptic strand. The largest red outline circle being the largest star found to date. Backlighting showed the correct colour temprature for the stars.
Here I wanted viewers to be able to see how both geographical coastlines and man made borders have shifted over time. Instead of the usual animated screens, I opted for physical self lit maps that viewers can slide over one another for comparison.
Delicate scale models etched inside glass crystal showed the larger scales. Our stellar neighbourhood...
Our galaxy...
Globular clusters and finally the known visible universe. Magnifying glasses were provided to create an interaction, and further distort our sense of perspective.
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