I was commisioned to revamp an existing Whale Skeleton exhibition. There was no money for re-setting the bones or redecorating, so I worked with my cameraman friend Stein Stie to relight the place on a shoestring. Halogen worklights got a makeover with barn-doors that we bolted on. We gelled out the windows to create some underwater contrast, then lit the skeletons as if they were Henry Moore sculptures.
An existing model from another deteriorating exhibition was given a full makeover, and placed on the wall to give us a birds eye view of industrialised whaling at its peak. The tired old boat models were cleaned up by retired whalers, while I upgraded the plaster board oceans with some acrylic gel wave effects and re-painted referencing satelite images of Antarctica.
Old and broken displays were edited and replaced reusing other disused cabinets with a cleaner look.
Inside the mouth of the Blue Whale, said to be the largest displayed skeleton on the planet!
There wasn't any signage to speak of, so I created some simple placards that delivered all the basic information visually, supporting the museum's text information.
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